Margaretha Berg Brodén

Margaretha Berg Brodén, die Schwedische Psychologin beschreibt es in Ihrer Veröffentlichung “Mother and child in no man’s land” in einem Satz: Vielleicht haben wir uns geirrt: und Kinder sind wirklich kompetent. Jesper Juul: „Brodén’s insight arises from the scientific context of her work and from her special interest in the early interaction between infants and their parents. Because I am a practitioner and not a research worker, and because my area of experience is the interaction between children and adults in the broadest terms, I have a slightly different perspective on her observation. – In my view, we have made a decisive mistake by assuming that children are not real people from birth. Both in the scientific and popular literature, we tend to regard children as potential rather than actual beings, as anti-social “semi-beings.” As a result, we assume, first, that they need to be subjected to massive influence and manipulation from adults and second, that they have to reach a particular age before they can be regarded as equals and real people.“

(M.B.B. “Mor og barn i Ingenmandsland”/”Mother and child in no man’s land”, Copenhagen 1992 + Broden,Margareta (1991). Mor og barn i ingenmandsland. Intervention i spædbarnsperioden. Kopenhagen: Hans Reitzels Forlag.)

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