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Das wird Schule machen • Teil 2 Grundlagen November 2022 in MÜNCHEN
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Community Music Conference Munich


Einleitung von Dr. Alicia de Banffy-Hall und Prof. Dr. Burkhard Hill

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Community Music in Germany: reinventing the wheel?

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Hill, Hochschule München
The lecturer exposes the field of community music in Germany.
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The Munich Community Music Action Research Group (MCMARG)

Dr. Alicia de Banffy-Hall, Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
The journey to this conference.
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Community music: practice at the crossroads

Prof. Dr. Lee Higgins, International Centre for Community Music, York St. John University, UK
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The growing internationalisation of community music: insights from the Asia pacific region

Ass. Prof. Dr. Brydie-Leigh Bartleet, Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre Griffith University, Australia
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But is it any good? Understanding music work with children in challenging circumstances

Phil Mullen, UK
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Pedagogy, andragogy, and heutagogy: a continuum of perspectives for community music practice with adults

Prof. Dr. Don Coffman, University of Miami, USA
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Singing the rights we do not possess: the rights of community music

Dr. Dave Camlin, Sage Gateshead / University
of Sunderland, UK

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Theorizing the creativity of Community Music by a praxeological approach: Key elements and open questions

Dr. Eric Sons, Helmuth-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg
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Celebrating the Paradoxes: Community Music Engagement

Dr. Lee Willingham, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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How do we ensure that musicians are ethical, responsive and reflective practitioners of Community Music; is formal training required and if so, in what form?

Jess Abrams, Edinburgh College, Scotland
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Pre- & Perinatal Community Music

Prof. DDDr. Wolfgang Mastnak, Hochschule für Musik und Theater München
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The drumpower project – violence prevention social integration and empowerment through music. A music therapy program for children and adolescents.

Dr. Andreas Wölfl, Freies Musikzentrum München
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Sense of Place – How the concept of Sense of Place is used by community musicians to inspire their practice

Pete Moser, More Music in Morecambe, United Kingdom
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Ivory towers, joined up thinking & a place to play a festival as motivator & facilitator in community music & healthcare

Philip Curtis, CityProms Foundation, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
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Sense of Place - How the concept of Sense of Place is used by community musicians to inspire their practice
Pete Moser, More Music in Morecambe, United Kingdom
Our relationships to places, people and our physical and metaphysical environment drive our personal developmental journeys. Our identity develops from birth through this complex web of relationships that allow skills, creativity and personality to grow in individual pathways.

Sense of Place is about this personal development as well as the way communities grow in response to their constituents in a symbiotic process of sympathetic exchange.

I will examine how music and culture articulate these changes and through examining forms of practice in historic and geographic contexts I will also investigate aspects of the role of the artist, educator and facilitator.

Over 30 years I have created work inspired by the context of the towns and countryside of Morecambe Bay in the North West of England. Through detailed examination of this work I will introduce themes of ritual, cultural creativity, vernacular art and personal celebration that are at the heart of the work of a community musician.

“One objective of our big-scale community events is for participants to gain some control over their lives by accessing their creative potential and by taking to their streets together … Well crafted sensual journey resonating with archetypal imagery open up our consciousness, stimulate and liberate the imagination so that audiences can dream their own dreams and make their journey and feel better.“
(John Fox – Eyes on stalks)


Pete Moser is a composer, performer, producer, consultant and facilitator and is the founder and Artistic Director of More Music, one of the foremost community music organisations in the UK (www.moremusic.org.uk). He has written scores for theatre, opera and dance projects as well as songs for occasions and large-scale choral and orchestral pieces. Peter is a multi-instrumentalist and teaches percussion, voice, brass and songwriting as well as the art of running workshops.

He co-edited ‚COMMUNITY MUSIC: A HANDBOOK, a book that covers a range of music and music workshop topics and is aimed at inspiring and empowering musicleaders.

A recent work, THE LONG WALK, was a response to the Morecambe Bay tragedy of 2004 and was made with communities and professional ensembles in Morecambe and then re-created in Gateshead, Liverpool and Hong Kong. This initiated a 10 year development of community music practice in Hong Kong and mainland China with a programme of work connecting many partners with training and projects in diverse and disadvantaged communities.

He is also the Fastest-One-Man-Band-In-The-World: